ate  :  19 July 2009

For almost a year this site was accessible only via the sourceforge projects section. And now it is once again on its original url:! I really hope my current hosting company will turn out to be more reliable than the last three ones...

ate  :  09 March 2008

Project is alive once again!

Sorry, that was a bad joke, but I just couldn't resist  =] Just wanted to notify you that I updated all the source code in the CVS repo. Nothing really new, I just uploaded all the changes that were made during the last half a year. Current version of the release is 1.5. Also I uploaded a new collection of shader demos with sources  and fixed some broken old links. See the Downloads section for the information on how to download this.

ate  :  20 August 2007

This project is declared closed because for the last half a year there wasn't any activity.

All sources were long before published.  I will give access to all models, textures, etc. to people who can prove that they are going to continue this project. I uploaded the latest demo of an Explosion component to the source section Also I made a final v1.4 binary / source release.

I thank everyone who supported us all this time and regret that we couldn't finish what we started.

Date  :  06 February 2007

All sources were updated on the sourceforge project portal. Version three of the Bump Shader component was published. You'll find links to new releases on the Downloads page.

ate  :  30 October 2006

  All demos on the Downloads page were updated. A lot of new demos were added.

Date  :  07 October 2006

  Screenshots, art, project info pages updated. New "Units" page added.

  The whole project source was uploaded to CVS. Some demos are still not functional, so stay tuned for the next release, which will be focused on updating the "downloads" section.

Date  :  08 May 2006

  Beta-version of the new site is ready. You can find the link to it on the forum . Respect to Bamper and Chaos!

  On the new site there is updated Art and Unit screenshots by Nazgool and Chaos. On the forum you can find links to shaders, new Movement and Collision Managers, a demo with a cannon that automatically points to its target.

Date  :  05 March 2006

  Two new people joined our team: designer and web-programmer. A new site is under construction, it will be ready in about two weeks.

  There are some new models, art and sources, but it will all be published only on the new site. The new version of the design document can be accessed through the Download section of this site.

Date  :  04 January 2006

  Today were officially moved to this hosting. Soon our guestbook and forum will be transferred to it.

  Project source was updated, Image Test - 3 (myBitmap32), myNavigator, myGLSceneImprovements modules were improved. New  MyUnitHUD, MyMultiProxy modules were uploaded.

  Design document was updated, new "Technical Issues" document uploaded.

  New Stuff in project:
1) New console commands
2) Texture model - slow, but correct
3) Support for damaged unit textures.
4) Flying attack mode (units still don't shoot)
5) Camera movement supports inertia.
6) High-Medium-Low Quality Textures, Explosions and Meshes support - for slow machines.
7) Ability to choose your player in the Demo
8) Textures made smaller for fast loading
9) Full animation support with optional Weapon synchronization
10) New Unit HUD health and armor display

Date  :  11 December 2005

  Three new utilities were added: my version of IniFiles unit, myNavigator  and Image Test -3. From now on the Game engine will be dependant on Graphics 32 component.

  Movement Manager updated. Design document and other documentation updated.

ate  :  28 November 2005

  New Chaos's art was uploaded..

  Almost all modules were updated. We have three new modules: console, math functions, loading/saving keyboard controls functions. My version of GLScene was updated.

  What's new in the engine? Controls, hotkeys, camera are almost identical to Homeworld-2. Game console was added.

Date  :  18 October 2005

  Programmer Raritet has joined us, he'll be working on the interface.

  A new version of the engine has been uploaded. It has the same functionality as the old one, but a more advanced structure. The design document has been updated.

ate  :  06 October 2005

  Summer is over and in September work on the project was restarted.
  The engine itself and all the main modules were updated, a new module was added (Collision Avoidance Engine). Now you can download sources and executables separatly. Design document was updated. New screenshots were uploaded.

  A designer joined us. Soon a campaign will be launched to get more new people to join our team.

  Project at last got its name. Now we are officially "Sector - 37" :)

ate  :  03 May 2005

  We have a new file server and a forum. Big thanx to BW for everything. Now I'm working on  unit AI: and economic model and game interface. But there still are too many bugs and I can't publish it yet.

ate  :  25 March 2005

  I'm sorry to say that out secondary file server not working properly, so I cannot upload any new files there, so you'll have to make use of the main file server for now.

  We have a discussion going on about the name of our game. Please leave your comments in the guestbook. Current contestants are: Outsiders, Freedom or Death!, Per Aspera ad Astra (through difficulties to the Stars), and Genocide of Minds.

 At last this cosmic strategy has a real Cosmos. I created a unit called MySpace, which is avaible in the  Downloads section. Also Explosion Manager was updated (+3 new explosion types), a serious bug was dealt with in MyAtmosphere and and update of  Movement Manager is avaible.

  And some statistics in the end... .During the last 6 weeks the size of sources (*.pas) more than doubled  and now equals 420Kb. That's over 280 pages of printed text.


Date  :  16 March 2005

 CH@OS's art was uploaded.

ate  :  10 March 2005

  Almost everything was updated, including screenshots, arts, separate modules, and of course the engine source. New stuff:

- began working on the AI of fighters.
- major improvments and fixes in the MovementManager, including a ANTI-LOW-FPS bugfix.
- sprite explosion support

- a lot of internal engine procedures that don't have a visual implementation.

At last we have a design document
New version of soundtrack "Space Federation Theme 2"

I'm planning a new update soon (around 22 March 2005). It will have integrated Cosmos and improved fighter AI, so just wait...

Date  :  21.02.2005

  Not too many news this time. Our designer returned from the army. A person, who knows, how to make space textures, joined us. Much work is being done on the design document of the project.

I won't update files in the download page, because not much has changed since its last update (I mean visual stuff). Most work was done on the Movement Manager. I'll upload it with the project source in the beginning of March.


ate  :  04.02.2005

  At last the exams are over and I can dedicate the next half a year only to this project.

  Our second designer will be away for a month and a programmer left us, but promised to come back when he can.

  All units, screenshots and art are updated. In the Reserved section I uploaded high quality screenshots from Homeworld - 2 and Space Federation.

  New version of the engine was uploaded. New features:
 - MD3 mesh format
 - Units can fire (only one type of weapon is supported now)
 - All objects are created dynamicly
 - New module was added to the project and an example with it is avaible separatly. It emulates mouse movement events with a keyboard.
 - Spitscreen support added.


ate  :  18.01.2005

 An english version of this site was opened (you probably noticed that ;)
A scriptwriter has joined us. 


Date  :  12.01.2005

 New screenshots were added, new Art page created, Project Info page was updated.

ate  :  11.01.2005

  At last the holydays are over =)) and I have the chance to publish the new version of the project source..During the last 3 weeks the size of the *.pas modules doubled and now adds up to about 80 pages of text (font size 10).
  Main improvements:
1) It doesn't require graphics32 anymore.
2) Units can fly

3) New Explosion unit was written.
4) Space ship models are used instead of the old ones.

Also, a couple of utilities are published there and the original game "Space Federation" from Interplay.


Date  :  24.12.2004

  The first version of the engine was published in the Downloads section..


Date  :  18.12.2004

  The site was opened Logo Rambler's Top100






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