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  This site is dedicated to the project of a real time 3D cosmic strategy "Sector - 37".

  The game wes supposed to be a real time 3D cosmic strategy with elements of RPG and splitscreen (two players on one PC) support. It was aimed at multiplayer and cooperative play style. There were supposed to be tree main campaigns  and a set of training missions. The end product was supposed to look much alike HomeWorld - 2.

   Game was being developed using Borland Delphi (GlScene), models were made using 3dsMAX. The design document can be found in the downloads section.  Now project is closed. It is looking for new owners, ready to finish what was started.



1)  There will be an opportunity to install different kings of weapons, shields, engines and equipment on unit.

2)   An economic model based on developing planets and trade and not on using resource-gathering units. There also will be an auto-management option.

3)   An.opportunity to develop the bases in different styles, based on the their economical and geographical position. Main types of base specialties are economy, resource extraction, science, military production.

4)  There will be secondary and dead races.

5)  Ability to make economic and military agreements and to carry out missions for races which are located outside the map. It will create illusion, that the world is not limited by the map.

6)  Ability to research and capture new weapon and ship types, to purchase them, from  neutral races or even from the opponent.

7)  Some units will have a certain supply of fuel. When units run out of it , they have to return to their base to recover, This is to make sure, that fighters and other small units can't cross the whole map.

8)  Units will have additional characteristics: experience, crew, molale, shields.

9)  You can create not only groups, but fleets.

10) There will be ancient artifacts in space.

11) Elements of  RPG (experience system, buffs, different unit equipment...)

12) Will support multiplayer and splitscreen mode.

13) Each map will have it's own story (script) and inhibitors, certain events will happen during the course of the game, which players can use to their advantage.


Project history

  In September '2004 three friends - Chaos, Da Stranger and Viskas - came up with an idea to create a real-time cosmic strategy. Real work on it started a month later. In the beginning the game was supposed to be a remake of an old DOS strategy Space Federation, but soon it became clear that the game would be more like  HomeWorld-2.

  In January '2005 Hostage[Test] joined the project and together with Da Stranger they formed the core of the project team.

  In April-August '2005 project was abandoned, material for the design document was being gathered. In September '2005 work on the project project was continued.

  In December '2005 project project got its current domain.

  In January '2006 a techno-demo was released. After it work on the engine was ceased. During next year only independent components and modules were developed.

  In February '2006 there was an attempt to merge with another team, but their members fled during the next couple of months.

  In March-July '2006  two talented designers joined the team. Though they left after a while, they founded a unique style for several races.

 In August '2007 after a year of almost no work by anyone the project was officially closed.



Project was founded by Chaos, Da Stranger and Viskas in September '2004. It was closed in  August '2007.

Person Period of activity Deed


January '2005 - March '2005,

January '2006 - May '2006

 Units, art, site design.


November '2004 - March '2005

Units, art.

Da Stranger

November '2004 - August '2007

Project management, site, programming, design document.


October 2005 - November '2005

One demo on interface scaling.


January '2005 - August '2007

Script,design document, art.


January 2006 - February '2006

Forum discussions.


February '2006 - March '2006

Art, translation of project documentation into HTML format, script.


February '2006  - June 2006

New site (still not finished).


February '2006  - June 2006

Units, script.

17th Raven

June '2006 - August '2006

Units, design document.



Special thanks

Person Period Deed


December '2004 -

- August 2007

Helped to set up a file archive and a forum, took part in discussions on the forum.





How to contact the coordinator (Da Stranger)

E-mail:  datarget@_please_no_spaaaam_mail.ru
ICQ:     293-963-070
Skype:  da_strange_dude
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